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Quality Administrator

Company: Owen Daniels Consultancy    Location: Birmingham
Position Summary
The Quality Administrator will be responsible for ensuring that products have the correct certification / documentation on time to the required quality standards in accordance with the customer specification.

Key Duties & responsibilities
The Quality Administrators core function will be, but not limited to:
  • Promote quality achievement and performance throughout the organization
  • Maintain the companies Quality Administration Control processes to ensure that products are traceable and delivered with the correct certification / documentation.
  • Carry out all relevant Quality Administration checks ensuring that all process documentation is stamped and or signed accordingly.
  • Ensure that any discrepancies with certification or administration is highlighted, investigated and resolved prior to the deliver to the customer.
  • Keep accurate and up to date, data is maintained in relation to Quality Administration / Certification.
  • Create all traceability documentation (where appropriate) for products
  • Produce and log data to supply reports and analysis of quality Certification and Documentation as and when required.
  • Raise any concerns or barriers when creating certification / documentation that may delay products being delivered to customer specifications including delivery date.
  • Support the calibration recall system including the administration of the associated paper-work with the support of the Metrology Engineer. (where appropriate)
Support the Quality Engineer(s) as required in the following area(s): -
  • Process audits
  • Customer audit preparation
  • Internal reject analysis
  • Maintain standards and have clear SOPs in relation to the processes of the Certification and Documentation process which is clearly defined
  • Liaising with customers and external auditors and ensuring the execution of the appropriate Certification and Documentation and compliance with the required specifications
  • Raise relevant quality related training needs where appropriate
  • Maintain procedures for ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Ensure that when there is a review to a schedule that the Certification and Documentation is in line with any change to delivery.
  • Ensure that standard operating procedures are adhered to, deviations from process should be highlighted and if necessary the SOP reviewed to ensure the process is correct.
  • Ensure implementation and adherence to health and safety procedures
  • Be a positive role model in promoting the requirements of the Quality Control Culture and ensuring others operate with the same values.
  • Determine and raise improvements to the processes
  • Participate in cross functional teams
  • Ensure continued communication and good relationships with external and internal customers
  • Perform any other duties appropriate to this post, as necessary or as requested
Quality Administrator

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • The Quality Administrator role encompasses the following non-role specific obligations for which the post holder shall actively ensure that their own activities and those of all employees within the Business Unit meet.
  • Company standards and procedures related to expected conduct are detailed in the relevant codes, standards and manuals and the Quality Administrator is expected to be familiar with these codes, standards and manuals and how they relate to their area of control and the wider business ensuring they are implemented.
Quality Administrator

Quality Manual
  • Our Quality Manual is a foundation for our Quality System.
  • At the company, we have a long history of supplying strong, safe products into demanding applications.
  • Our reputation is based on quality, reliability and fitness for purpose.
  • This reputation is maintained by adhering to simple rules and these are spelled out in our Quality System documentation.
  • In this management role you are expected to manage and keep up to date the quality systems and procedures in your area, constantly seeking opportunities for continuous improvement.
Quality Administrator