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Virtual English Teacher

Company: GOMEZ & ASOCIADOS    Location: Bristol

I´m Julio Gmez Silva; I´m looking for a native virtual teacher. I live in Peru, but the only way to contact a native teacher is to say that I am in the United Kingdom; I hope someone wants to help English is basic; I speak Spanish and a little French. Below what I´m looking for:

Private classes of Situational English.

It is important to know Spanish;

That the classes allow me to cover subjects of greater interest to develop myself in the daily life of England.

1 hour 30 minutes of classes.

The teacher must be native of an English-speaking country.

Have experience Teaching English.

The teacher must present a General work structure (Intermediate and advanced BAsics) and another per week to measure progress.The teacher must make feedback and measure the progress of the student.

I will meditate on the teacher according to his methodology; Patience and achievements in the student month by month.

if you are an excellent teacher and you show results. The course can be extended a minimum of one year.

Thank you Very Much

Tipo de puesto: Temporal

Experiencia requerida:

  • English: 1 ao

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