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Admissions And Attendance Officer

Company: Kings Monkton School    Location: Cardiff CF24

Job Summary

Under the reasonable direction of the Principal, carry out the professional duties of a school Administrator.

Maintain the high standards of support for pupil attainment and achievement within the school and monitor and support pupil and support staff progress.

Job Purpose:

The Admissions & Attendance Officer will work alongside key school staff in school to promote excellent attendance, reduce levels of absence and work with children and families to promote high levels of attendance.

It is important to:

  • Promote and support high levels of attendance
  • To support pupils in achieving their full academic potential
  • Promote a positive attendance and punctuality culture
  • Form strong relationships with parents/carers

Admissions is an important role in the School as Admissions is the first point of contact to the School, and the individual will be responsible for setting up viewings; liaising with parents and promoting the school to the wider community.


  • Undertaking responsibilities as a member of the Office Team of the school.
  • Supporting the leadership, day-to-day management and high standards of supporting the Learning and Teaching in our school along with the setting, development and implementation of policies, plans, targets, practices and procedures related to the system within the context of the vision, ethos, aims and goals of the School.
  • Supporting the leadership, day-to-day management and high standards of supporting Pupil Progress Tracking in our school along with the setting, development and implementation of policies, plans, targets, practices and procedures related to the system within the context of the vision, ethos, aims and goals of the School.
  • Supporting the leadership, day-to-day management and high standards of Continuing Professional Development of Support Staff in the Main Office. To support the lead, development and enhancement of the practice of all Support Staff across the school at all stages of their career, evaluating the quality of their work and securing and sustaining effective practices in the Main Office.
  • To effectively appraise, performance manage, line manage and deploy your duties as appropriate across the school.
  • Generic duties relevant to all members of staff.

Responsibilities and Duties

Area of Accountability A:

Duties and Responsibilities

Principal Accountabilities:

  • To identify and work with individuals and groups of pupils, using regular attendance checks
  • To work closely with parents/carers and pupils to improve levels of attendance
  • To collate information with regard to the attendance of pupils and support the school target of 95% attendance and punctuality
  • Coordinate all Admissions to the school (pupils and staff)
  • To keep the Principal, Senior Leadership Team and Governors informed on Admissions and Marketing


  • Coordinate all pupil Admissions to the school including:
  • Initial contact
  • Sending out Prospectus, ensuring inserts updated
  • Arranging initial visits and tour
  • Coordinating Taster Days and Assessment as required
  • Liaising with ALNCo re SEN, ALN and feeder schools as required
  • Ensuring all Registration, Acceptance Forms and Joining Details are accurately completed and collect monies due in conjunction with the Bursar
  • Following up of all Admissions enquiries
  • To organise and distributing Surveys for parents and pupils as required
  • To Send annual prospectus to Estate and Relocation Agents and foster a good relationship with them
  • Attend planning meetings as required
  • Maintain and develop the school admissions database for pupils, staff and Governors and circulate contact details as required
  • Update and distribute Class Lists termly or as required and regularly update pupil numbers, and other statistical data.
  • Coordinate minibus runs and keep drivers and parents informed as required for new pupils
  • Keep all documentation/records up-to-date and in order
  • Annual update of Parents Handbook and other literature
  • To carry out duties as the Principal or Governors may from time to time determine to fall within the remit of the post, and attend courses as required


  • To work with groups of pupils to improve levels of attendance
  • To work with parents/carers and other agencies in improving their childs attendance record and coordinating parental support and training where appropriate
  • To interpret information relating to attendance patterns and identify key areas of concern for Form Tutors and Assistant Headteacher
  • To ensure all registers are completed and no missing marks or unexplained absences remain
  • To assist with the identification of pupils who will receive support in improving their attendance record
  • To follow School Policy of first day contact within the school
  • To check and remind any necessary staff to complete registers
  • To ensure all unexplained absences are accounted for or send letter requesting an explanation
  • To assist and check records prior to the Census to ensure school attendance is accurate and up to date
  • To monitor the attendance of vulnerable groups of pupils and liaise with staff/ALN Faculty
  • To produce termly reports for Form Tutors and the Pastoral Assistant Headteacher
  • To liaise with the safeguarding team regarding child protection
  • To input timely information i.e. exams, music trips, sporting events, workbased learning appointments, absence reports etc and to keep staff updated
  • To check accuracy and correct coding on registers before printing off official registers and filing away on a term basis
  • To print off official registers daily and explained absences to ensure at hand in event of a fire,
  • To follow Attendance policy and send out letters as required
  • To provide updates for staff on pupil attendance
  • To collate, maintain and update attendance data
  • To work alongside relevant staff, contact teachers, senior management, learning support assistants to improve attendance
  • To keep up to date with SIMs training


To promote the vision and aims of Kings Monkton School.

To provide professional leadership and management to secure:

  • improvement in achievement and attainment for all pupils;
  • raising of aspirations and standards of learning and teaching;
  • high quality provision of all services;
  • effective deployment of resources;
  • a safe and healthy environment for members of the school community.

To directly assist the Principal and Line Manager with:

  • Supporting and implementing the direction of Main Office issues within the schools frameworks;
  • meeting pupils and staff needs on a day-to-day basis;
  • the supervision and control of pupil attendance (compliance and behaviour for learning) around school at all times;
  • being a presence in the Main Office: a role model to all.

Generic expectations of all members of the Office Team:

  • act with professional integrity at all times;
  • notwithstanding issues of confidentiality and tact, act with honesty and transparency with regard to your work;
  • identify and improve those areas relevant to your role which need to move from good to outstanding;
  • maintain those school policies and procedures relevant to your area and update whenever required;
  • be present where required at meetings, performances and other functions / events;
  • where requested to do so, attend school meetings to inform Governors of issues related to your role;
  • undertake a proactive part in:
  • those activities that are part of the self-evaluation of the school and the Main Office;
  • casual and formal checking of uniform;
  • being a presence around school and in the Main office;
  • appraisal, performance and line management systems;
  • pupil voice and the Prefect scheme.
  • work as part of a team, submitting draft proposals and documents for further development by the Middle Leadership Team, and accepting and supporting final Middle Leadership Team decisions;
  • with regard to Office Team meetings;
  • all members are expected to be punctual to and attend scheduled meetings unless prior agreement for absence has been given by the Principal or Vice Principal;
  • all members are encouraged to express their views, but are expected to work to the majority decision or the final decision of the Principal. A consistent message should be given to staff and pupils at all times;
  • when requested to do so by the Principal or Vice Principal prepare and present reports on progress / issues related to areas of accountability and responsibility;
  • traverse the conflicting expectations of transparency and confidentiality.
  • undertake specific tasks reasonably delegated by the Principal/ Vice Principal or Line Manager from time to time.

Area of Accountability B:


  • Ensure that all staff are aware of and implement the practices and procedures as outlined in the Learning and Teaching Policy in order to realise the Schools vision and aims;
  • Support the promotion, planning for and delivery of an academic curriculum, and ensure all pupils are able to access that curriculum using innovative and inclusive methods, including the use of SIMS;
  • Have an enthusiasm which motivates and supports all staff and encourages a shared understanding of the contribution they can make to all aspects of pupils lives;
  • Monitor progress and evaluate the effects on learning and teaching by working alongside colleagues, analysing attendance and outcomes and how the Main office can support these;
  • Support the identification and promotion of innovative and effective teaching strategies and learning styles to meet the needs of all pupils, working collaborative to share practice with other schools where appropriate;
  • Work with the Vice Principal to support the Key Stage 3 and Pot 16 options process in order that pupils can appropriately select their choices.

Area of Accountability C:


  • Using school data, ensure staff are aware of pupil targets in every subject at beginning of academic year;
  • Ensure the full use of SIMS by staff for data collection, analysis, attendance, behaviour and achievement recording;
  • Ensure all staff can access lists and data related to the pupils in their teaching groups in electronic format;
  • Use relevant school, county and national data to inform targets for development and further improvement for individuals and groups of pupils;
  • Work closely with members of the Main Office to identify pupils who need additional support and that the progress of pupils on the list is tracked.
  • Ensure excellent support and development of Additional Learning Needs and Special Educational Needs paperwork, to ensure that all pupils needs are met and targets are achieved.

Area of Accountability D:


  • To work with the Caretaker to ensure that all Health and Safety regulations and procedures are met within the school;
  • Working with the Director of ICT, ensure that the SIMS Information Management System is maintained, updated, and used effectively to support the learning and teaching of all pupils and staff within the school;
  • To support the organisation and support the running of our annual Presentation Award Ceremony.

Area of Accountability E:


  • Have oversight and organisation of training and Continuing Professional Development programmes which improve outcomes for yourself at all stages of your career - and ultimately pupils;
  • To have responsibility for developing all staff in supporting standards of learning and teaching through SIMS training;
  • To keep your Line Manager informed of staff development issues;
  • Establish clear targets for achievement and evaluate progress through the use of appropriate evaluations and records and regular analysis of any data;
  • Keep abreast of changes and developments in training methods and ensure these are shared with colleagues where they might have an impact on teaching and learning. Review regularly and develop any programmes and systems in line with national developments;
  • Liaise with your Line Manager in respect of the yearly calendar of training

Area of Accountability F:


  • Contribute positively to your own appraisal, performance management and line management.

Area of Accountability G:


Kings Monkton School - Our vision

At Kings Monkton School our vision is to create an inclusive community built upon a happy, innovative and outstanding learning environment. All staff are expected to promote and utilise this model in everything that they do.

Our mission and aims

  • At Kings Monkton School our mission is to prepare each pupil for life, enabling them to discover themselves and develop their gifts and talents; to fully realise their potential; and to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. As a school therefore we aim:
  • to offer outstanding teaching, providing an exciting, dynamic and challenging environment that inspires our pupils with intellectual curiosity and a love of learning
  • to set high expectations so that all of our pupils achieve their very best and maximise their potential
  • to celebrate the successes and achievements of all our pupils
  • to enable all of our pupils to become confident, independent learners
  • to provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that is accessible to every pupil
  • to encourage each pupil, through the value we place on them, to grow in self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence
  • to care for, guide and support each pupil in their journey through the school
  • to foster in our pupils a tolerance and respect for others and a deep concern to care for the environment
  • to prepare our pupils to become the citizens of the future, able to make a strong contribution to society in a changing and challenging global world.

It is expected that all staff work collaboratively as members of Kings Monkton School and share good practice, resources and ideas and realise the schools vision and aims. All staff should act with professional integrity at all times, following the Schools Code of Conduct for Staff, as outlined in the EWC Guidance.

Learning and Teaching

This is our core business and therefore is an absolute priority. You will be expected to contribute to the all supporting roles of the school when required. All staff are expected to contribute to the Enrichment programme of the school.

Use of ICT

It is expected that all support staff follow the ICT and E Safety Policy of Kings Monkton School.

All Support Staff will be expected to ensure that there is support to enable all pupils leave the school with transferable ICT skills, knowledgeable in developing technologies and equipped for the next stage of their education or work life. ICT must be used creatively to inspire and motivate pupils where it is relevant to do so.

All staff will be expected to utilise ICT and to improve communication and reduce paper use. Security procedures must be followed when using ICT systems.

All staff are expected to follow (and ensure pupils follow) the procedures as laid out in the Schools ICT and E Safety Policy.

Data Protection

It is essential when working with computerised systems that you are completely aware of your responsibilities at all times under the Data protection Act 1984 (as amended) for the security, accuracy, and significance of personal data held on such systems.

Health and Safety

Employees are required to work in compliance with the schools Health and Safety policies and under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (as amended), ensuring the safety of all parties they come into contact with, such as members of the public, in premises or sites controlled by the school.

In order to ensure compliance, procedures should be observed at all times under the provision of safe systems of work through safe and healthy environments, including information, training and supervision necessary to accomplish those goals.


Kings Monkton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and all staff must ensure that the highest priority is given to following the guidance and regulations to safeguard children and young people. All staff are to have due regard for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and to follow the child protection procedures adopted by Kings Monkton Safeguarding Policy. Any safeguarding or child protection issues must be acted upon immediately by informing the Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP).

This job description forms part of the contract of employment of the person appointed to the post. The duties, responsibilities and accountabilities highlighted in this job description are indicative and may vary over time at the discretion of the Principal. This job description will be reviewed annually and is an integral part of the Appraisal, Performance Management and Line Management process.

Qualifications and Skills



§ Ability to use own initiative.

§ Resourceful, patient and resilient.

§ Calm, unflustered manner.

§ Ability to work in a team and alone.

§ Excellent communication skills.

§ Commitment to equal opportunities in service delivery and employment.

§ Flexible approach to supporting children and families.

§ Ability to maintain a professional manner in challenging situations.

§ Confidence to challenge difficult behaviour.

§ Confidence to challenge other professionals.

§Enjoys working within education

§A friendly manner and good sense of humour

§Smart appearance


Knowledge Abilities Skills Experience

§ Good organisational and good time keeping skills.

§ Good inter-personal skills including mediation and conflict resolution.

§ Demonstrable awareness of legislation relating to school attendance.

§ Demonstrable awareness of legislation relating to the welfare and protection of children.

§ Demonstrate awareness of risk

§ Experience of working in an educational and/or social care setting with young people.

§ Effective communication with children, carers and other professionals.

§ Ability to display an understanding of social/welfare issues as they affect children, families and schools.

§ Ability to work on own initiative within departmental protocols/procedures.

§ Ability to deal with difficult situations.

§ A good understanding and knowledge of SIMS attendance packages

§ Ability to work under pressure

§ A positive attitude to personal development and training

§ Ability to prepare and write reports and produce factual and statistical information as required.

§ Knowledge of the education system

§Experience in working within statutory/voluntary agencies dealing with children and families.

§ ICT Literacy

Qualifications and Training

§ Good level of literacy and numeracy

§ NVQ Level 3 or equivalent

§ 5 GCSEs including grade C in English and Maths


Working in a prestigious school and benefit from 50% staff reduction in fees for your children.

5 weeks holiday

Excellent CPD

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £18,000.00 /year

Required education:

  • Secondary education

Required experience:

  • School: 1 year

Required language:

  • English

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