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Retail Store Associate - Sales Assistant

Company: Holland & Barrett    Location: Coventry
Our Store Associates are a bit like sales advisors. Just, well, totally different. Sure, like a sales advisor youll serve customers, fill up the shelves and keep the whole place looking spick and span. But this is anything but your everyday retail role.

Here, youll talk confidently with customers, giving them the advice they need to live healthier, happier lives. And well make sure youre ready for whatever question, query or lifestyle goal is thrown your way. If you want to go on and specialise in sports, nutrition, beauty or aromatherapy, we can help you to do that too.

The training can be pretty full on but its totally worth it. Youll learn how the human body works. Youll get to know vitamins and supplements inside out. And youll develop the skills you need to flourish. Be it dietary advice, aches and pains, or a customer wanting to polish up their guns, youll know just what to do.

Its challenging. Its hard work. And its certainly not for the faint hearted. But if the idea of a career in health and wellbeing (and a life of helping customers in their pursuit of health and happiness) gives you that warm-fuzzy-feeling inside, theres a unique experience here for the taking.

When it comes to specialist health and wellbeing retailers, we´re number one. The biggest in Europe. We´ve over 1,000 stores (and more on the way) in almost every major city and town across the UK and Ireland not to mention more than 80 stores around the world too. It´s big scale stuff. And you could be part of it all.