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Delivery Driver

Company: Fast Despatch Transport    Location: Edinburgh

Contact us on: ** 07479678167 **

Do you love driving? Do you want help finding an opportunity you´ll love? Then we may have the role for you! Fast Despatch Transport Limited is the No. 1 delivery service provider in UK and we are getting even bigger! We are lucky enough to work with some of the most prestigious brands within the transport and logistics industry! We are looking to increase our pool of self employed delivery drivers not just for a temporary basis but on going!

There has never been a more exciting time to join!

Currently we are recruiting self employed delivery drivers in Edinburgh area

The role :

You have to follow a few steps to complete your working day:

1. Every morning arrive at your station ready to supply us the best of your delivery services

2. Pick up and load parcels in your van, which are already sorted by the night shift**

3. Pick your scanner and you are ready to go YES, its THAT SIMPLE! *depend of the wave which we cover your start time can be between 7:30am and 10:00am, the wave is determined by the remoteness of the area **the loading time is 15 - 30 mins

Want to know a little more?

You have to manage to deliver the parcels from your daily route on a daily base. All routes are calculated on a base of 9 hours, this include your loading and travel time to the area .Also you are responsible to manage your brake during the day. Once you complete your route you have to go back to the station or remote place to do debrief, at this moment your working day is done.

For this role you will need to possess the following skills:

1. Good driving skills

2. Verbal English skills

3. Good behavior front of the customers

4. Bags of initiative, and enjoy facing challenges head on


You are over the age of 21 and have a maximum of 6 points on your licence and have not been charged with any serious motoring offences

.You can commit to work on up to 5-6 consecutive or inconsistent days a week, including Sunday to Saturday*

You have the aptitude to work alone and deal with a multitude of situations

You have a good knowledge of the UK Road Network

*on busy periods you may be offered routes up to 6 days a week

Payment and van scheme,

  • Competitive rates of pay- £110 pounds per working day * Exclusive bonuses £ 5-£25 pounds EXTRA per working day* * Training Days will also be paid for*** * Weekly payment after a period of one month *** * We supply van if you dont have your own**** * We cover your working miles @ 32 mpg*****

*the bonus is based on performance, and can go up to £25 pounds extra per working day- this make more than £100 pounds only because you are a good worker!! ** every training day ( 1-3) which you will be paid for.***Your Invoices shall be paid to you 30 days after Invoice has been issued- we pay weekly by bank transfer without any issues****we supply with a van if you dont have your own , there is a charge of £210 (INC VAT) per week including all kind of insurances and brake down cover + the usual service. This rent cost are stoppable from your Invoice, you dont need to pay nothing up front! *****your working miles during the day (since you load your van on till you make a debrief) we pay them like for every 32 miles one gallon of fuel.


Contact us on:


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £110.00 /day

Required licences or certifications:

  • Driver´s License
  • Driving License