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Rail Operator 2

Company: South Western Railway    Location: London
As a Station Assistant, you will be a key member of staff whose role in the station environment, including the customers journey is of prime importance. You will be expected to provide a high level of information, as well as a feeling of safety, security and well being and protecting the overall station environment.

Your duties fall into two main categories - customer service and operational. It is an environment in which you will sometimes be working under pressure, when demands on you will be coming thick and fast. As you would expect, it is particularly important to promote the maximum customer goodwill with high standards of courtesy and service this includes ensuring that the station is presentable at all times to the highest of standards.

You will be responsible for the safe working at your station, working in accordance with Rules & Regulations currently in force

Principal Accountabilities

Respond to customer enquiries in an efficient, friendly and welcoming manner, offering proactive information when required especially during service disruption.
Ensure the safe and punctual dispatch of trains using the correct methods as set out in the local train dispatch risk assessment, maintaining a safe environment for customers and preserving performance records.
Report all instances of delays, irregularities, equipment failure or any other incident affecting the safety of the line or service to customers.
Present yourself for duty on time and in full current South Western Railway´s uniform which must be maintained to the highest of standards, you will also ensure your personal grooming is of a high standard at all times. You must be highly visible during your turn of duty except for any required breaks.
Assist customers as appropriate especially those with special needs, e.g. the elderly, disabled and those with children or heavy luggage.
Regularly patrol your station/platform to ensure that comfort is maintained by taking initiative in dealing with any litter or cleaning requirements immediately.
Provide all possible assistance to customers when trains are delayed including arranging for urgent messages from customers to be forwarded, where practicable.
Ensure that the cleaning duties undertaken are maintained to the highest of standards at all times whilst you are on duty.
Ensure validity of all Rules, Notices and Retail circulars and publications, which may affect your working environment or product knowledge.
Check equipment, cleanliness and general environment of station and take action by correcting or reporting any faults.
Attend all training events as designated by the company to assist you in delivering excellent customer service.

Safety Responsibilities

Ensure your personal safety and that of others at all times.
Comply with the Rules as defined in Network Rail Group Standard, South West Trains Employee Handbook, other Regulations and Instructions, Group Standards and Legislation, undertaking bi-annual re-examination of competency.
Communicate effectively with and assist staff and customers in the interests of safety and customer service.
Carry out emergency procedures when required.
Report any irregularities, faults or unusual occurrences in the prescribed manner, maintaining a written record.
Participate in all staff briefings to ensure you are informed of all relevant information.
Examine all notices, publications and instructions and ensure that any relevant information is disseminated and understood by staff under your control.
Ensure the safe and punctual dispatch of trains
Ensure performance records are maintained.


£18,331 per annum plus regional allowance pro rata

Shift Pattern

20 hours per week

Mon - Fri 0700 - 1100

Minimum Requirements

Applicants requiring a visa must have at least 6 months remaining at the start of employment.